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FOREWORD                                   Dear artlovers,

                 VORWORT                                    one of my favourite tasks and  always connected with  much joy and

                                                            excitement is writing the welcome text for one of our art catalogues.

                                                            The moment of writing the Welcome is the moment when we share the
                                                            incredible beautiful art with you, our art interested audience – and this
                                                            is for the artists and for us very exciting.  Although our year went a little
                                                            bit differently than planned, there will hopefully still be a surprise, which

                                                            we will announce soon. So watch the space!
                                                            Now  we  are  especially  looking  forward  to  presenting  you  stunning,
                                                            colourful, strong, contemporary art by 25 artists from South Africa - and
                                                            you will want to have free walls, I promise you.

                                                            The journey of The Travelling Art Gallery began in 2017 with two successful
                                                            crowdfunding campaigns, taking art from 11 artists from South Africa to
                                                            the world. Today we travel, virtually and physically, with the art of 25

                                                            South African artists - and we are changing lives. For the participating
                                                            artists for sure and hopefully also for you, people who appreciate and
                                                            love art. We conceptualize art projects and we promote South African art
                                                            on an international level and the interest, the response has been huge.

                                                            For this we repeatedly say THANK YOU, because without people like you,

                 Spokespeople and organisers of             people who support, who love art and who buy art, we would not be here!
                 The Travelling Art Gallery,
                 Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast           We are extremely thrilled about the success over the last three years.
                                                            We have been living in both countries, connecting both countries and we
                 Sprecher und Organisatoren von             are flying back to South Africa in mid-January. The artists look forward
                 The Travelling Art Gallery,                to seeing us and hearing all the stories and we look forward to planning
                 Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast
                                                            with them for the next year.
                                                            But for now we want to show all people the beautiful art – and we want
                                                            to inspire you. The art has already been shipped to Germany, we are
                                                            ready to sell remarkable artworks by some remarkable artists. Online
                                                            and virtual have two unbeatable advantages: we can assist you where

                                                            ever you are and stay as our virtual hanging service has been so well
                                                            received and is a service we offer free of charge. If you are unsure about
                                                            an artwork in your space, let us assist you. We will be able to look at this
                                                            with the virtual hanging options together and we will advise you sincerely,

                                                            because we love what we do, and we are happy to share this with you.

                                                            With this in mind and with the above mentioned joy, we wish all viewers a
                                                            lot of pleasure flipping through the most beautiful, most comprehensive

                                                            catalogue of The Travelling Art Gallery 2020. There is one huge advantage
                                                            for you: there has never been such a wide range and selection of stunning
                                                            artworks in any year, so have fun and don’t forget: #artmakesyouhappy!

                                                            Carpe diem and warm regards,

 The Travelling Art Gallery
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