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                Androetta Bekker was born 1982 in           to create art that captures the deep
                a small town in the Free State, where       nuances and intricacies of people’s

                she grew up immersed in a rich              inner thoughts and feelings. Her
                blend of South African cultures.            portraits investigate how we seldom
                                                            experience only one emotion at a
                From an early age, her mother,              time - how sadness can be tinged

                herself being an artist, introduced         with joyful nostalgia, for example, or
                Androetta to the power of art as            pride darkened by fear and anger.
                a means of expression, but it was
                only later in life, when her successful     Androetta’s debut exhibition took

                career in the sciences was disrupted        place in December 2020. She has
                by a traumatic accident, that               since received two major accolades
                Androetta rediscovered her passion          (a Top 40 place in the nationwide
                for art. This dramatic personal shift       Sanlam Portrait award for 2021,

                inspired her belief that change             and a silver award for Camelback
                should be embraced, as it often             Gallery’s international black and
                acts as a catalyst for the greatest         white art competition in 2021)
                discoveries and growth.                     and participated in group gallery

                                                            exhibitions at Artisart, Cahoots and
                Currently based in Cape Town,               Rust en Vrede, as well as the ‘Home
                Androetta draws inspiration from            is where the art is’ exhibition at the
                the rich diversity of cultures in South  Zeitz MOCAA.

                Africa. Her bold and colourful works
                are characterised through illustration      Various invitations to group
                and striking surface patterns. Her          exhibitions and commissions have
                true obsession, however, is with the        followed these accolades. Androetta

                depth and complexity of universal           Bekker is a strong, deep and
                human emotions, and she strives             passionate artist to watch.

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