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                                                Dear art lovers!

                                                Andrew Ntshabele has been part of The Travelling Art Gallery from the
                                                beginning! Due to the wide range of his works, we decided to show his
                                                art in a separate catalogue.

                                                Art by Andrew Ntshabele is something very special. In the last couple of
                                                years, his works found new homes all over the world and his paintings
                                                are touching and inspiring. Some works are subtle and always with a
                                                sincere message. Ntshabele incorporates more than one medium in his
                                                paintings, fusing collage and acrylic paint. He uses his own photographs
                                                in and around Johannesburg as inspiration for his works.

                                                He currently uses daily and historical newspapers as well as music sheets
             Spokespeople and organisers of     and letters which are pasted as collages on canvas. Due to this, his works
             The Travelling Art Gallery,        can easily be rolled up and sent in a tube. We are happy to give advice
             Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast
                                                for  framing  and  please  contact  us  for  any  questions  around  Andrew
                                                Ntshabele’s art:
             Sprecher und Organisatoren von
             The Travelling Art Gallery,
             Barbara Lenhard and Florian Gast
                                                Best regards and enjoy flipping through the catalogue,

                                                Barbara Lenhard & Florian Gast

                                                PS: Herewith is the link to the main catalogue of
                                                The Travelling Art Gallery!

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